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Dos and don'ts of a successful interview

Graduate employers tell us their interview tips on how to make a positive and lasting impression: here are 10 golden rules.

Establishing strong professional relationships as a graduate

As you start your graduate program, be sure to establish strong professional relationships – here are tips on how to do this throughout your career.

Ethnic diversity in the workplace: a guide for Australian graduates

What is ethnic diversity and why does it matter? Find out how Australia stacks up when it comes to ethnic diversity in the workplace.

Explore a graduate career in economics

Put your academic and theoretical knowledge into practice as a graduate economist, find out what's involved and if it's the right fit for you.

Five insider tips to apply for a graduate position at NAB

GradAustralia surveyed recent graduates at NAB to bring you the top five tips for applying to the NAB graduate program.

Five tips to get a graduate job at ANZ bank

We surveyed graduates that have been there, done that. Here are their five top tips to get a graduate job at ANZ bank.

Five ways to make a strong first impression at a networking event

Five keys to networking success – essential tips for university graduates searching for a job, including how to prepare and how to build lasting connections.

From traders to techies: who’s who in an investment bank

From compliance officers to research analysts, investment banks rely on a huge team of staff members with a range of specialisations.