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Getting hired in investment banking: what does the process actually look like?

Don't get discouraged by the deceptively simple graduate recruitment process – here are the four key parts of recruitment for investment banking graduates.

Graduate careers in the world of insurance

Actuary plays a key part in the insurance industry and is a career where your quantitative skills will be highly valued. Read to find out more.

Graduate careers: what is commercial banking?

Thinking of applying for a graduate role in a commercial bank? This series by GradAustralia will help you create a diverse career within the banking industry.

Graduate salaries: what they don’t tell you

What's beneath the numbers in graduate salary packages? Here are four factors to consider when thinking about your graduate salary.

How to choose a career path when you just can't choose

So, you’ve got a few career paths you’re interested in pursuing, but you just can’t decide which one to go down.

How to choose your future employer as a graduate

Here are 7 tips on how to research and find the right organisation for you to launch your graduate career.

How to get a graduate job in banking when you haven’t studied finance

Do you want to get a graduate job in the banking and finance industry, but second guessing yourself because you haven’t studied finance?

How to get a graduate job in New Zealand

Getting a grad job can be rough, no matter where you are or how great your resume. Fortunately, there’s some good advice to remedy that.