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How to secure quality internships

With more students attending university than ever before, internships are becoming increasingly competitive. What does it take to earn them?

How to write an excellent cover letter

Being able to articulate yourself through a cover letter is integral to landing your dream graduate job. Read on for practical tips.

Interview prep: How to sound like you know what you're talking about

Hot tips on what to know before you go into a graduate interview, how to prepare and who to research.

Interview prep: practise and role playing

Practise, practise, practise: Why you need to practise, what to do ahead of time, plus, sample interview questions and answers.

Interview prep: Tell your story like a boss

How to bring your CV to life and talk about how your experiences have made you that special someone they’ve been waiting for.

Investment banking 101: What it is and what investment bankers actually do

Considering a career in investment banking? Find out what investment bankers actually do and the key areas within an investment bank – essential info for graduates.

Is an online MBA right for you?

So you want to make the next step in your career, but can’t afford to go back to full-time study? Read this article to understand if an online MBA is your ticket to a career change or promotion.

Key areas of commercial banking

Where will you fit in in a commercial bank? We break it down so you can see where you might fit in as you launch your graduate career.