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Banking and finance law area of practice

Banking and finance law covers every aspect of the operations of banks and financial institutions.

Banking and financial services industry overview

New Zealand’s banks might be lean, but in one year alone they contributed more than $7.6 billion to the economy while employing more than 25,000 people

Banking and financial services industry overview

Australia is a sophisticated economy that’s part of the fastest-growing region in the world, which means the industry holds enormous opportunity for graduates.

Before you sign your graduate job offer, check these details

Congratulations, you've got your graduate job offer! Before you sign your contract, take a moment to check these details.

Building experience with legal competitions

Legal competitions are a strong tradition in Australian law schools. Participation affords students the opportunity to develop practical legal experience and improve their legal research and reasoning skills.

Career advice for law students

Law’s a competitive field, no matter where you go. With these tips, you’ll improve your chances of landing a job after graduation.

Career prospects for marketing graduates

Whether you work in-house or in an agency, marketing is an industry which offers diverse career paths. Here is a brief overview by GradAustralia.

Careers for law graduates in accounting and advisory

What does an accountant do? Broadly speaking, accountants assist their clients with the preparation and maintenance of financial records.