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Careers for law graduates in public sector

The public sector encompasses those sections of the economy that provide governmental services and are (primarily) funded by public resources.

Careers for law graduates in retail and consumer goods

Retailing describes the practise of earning a profit by selling goods and services to consumers.

Careers for law graduates in transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector contributes about ten percent of Australia’s GDP.

Civil litigation law area of practice

It takes tact, patience and a deep understanding of both the law and various court procedures to resolve disputes between different parties.

Commercial law area of practice

Commercial law is sometimes referred to as business law or corporate law.

Consumer law area of practice

Australian consumer law is a creative and innovative area of the law, despite the fact that it is heavily regulated.

Create opportunities with a summer internship

Get out of the classroom and put your learning into practice with a summer internship. Not sure if it’s right for you? We give you three ways an internship can advance your career.

Criminal law area of practice

The actual practice of criminal law is almost nothing like that depicted in shows like exposed to shows like The Good Wife, Law and Order or Boston Legal.