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Differences between public and private sector graduate jobs

You’ll be faced with plenty of choices before and after you graduate. We’ll walk you through one of the most common distinctions between jobs.

Discover professional services careers for uni graduates

Consider a career in professional services if you thrive in dynamic environments, enjoy building professional relationships & have a strong academic transcript.

Dos and don'ts of a successful interview

Graduate employers tell us their interview tips on how to make a positive and lasting impression: here are 10 golden rules.

Employment law area of practice

Employment law is concerned with the relations between workers and their employers on matters ranging from wages and compensation, through to harassment and discrimination based on gender, disability, or age.

Environmental and planning law area of practice

Environmental law encompasss the complex system of treaties, regulations, statutes, conventions and case law that govern how humans can interact with the natural world.

Establishing strong professional relationships as a graduate

As you start your graduate program, be sure to establish strong professional relationships – here are tips on how to do this throughout your career.

Ethnic diversity in the workplace: a guide for Australian graduates

What is ethnic diversity and why does it matter? Find out how Australia stacks up when it comes to ethnic diversity in the workplace.

Family law area of practice

Family law is one of the more challenging specialities, insofar as it involves counselling people through particularly difficult periods of their lives.