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Career advice for law students

Law’s a competitive field, no matter where you go. With these tips, you’ll improve your chances of landing a job after graduation.

Careers for law graduates in accounting and advisory

What does an accountant do? Broadly speaking, accountants assist their clients with the preparation and maintenance of financial records.

Careers for law graduates in banking and financial services

Finance professionals are expected to be adept communicators with strong analytical skills and the ability to assimilate new information – and, fortunately, those are the same skills you’ll have developed as a law student.

Careers for law graduates in construction and property services

A career in the construction and property development sector could see you participating in building projects while employed by a commercial, industrial or residential property organisation.

Careers for law graduates in consulting

Consultants are the business world’s professional problem solvers.

Careers for law graduates in engineering

Making, testing, and fixing things – these are the engineer’s bread and butter.

Careers for law graduates in IT and communications

IT and communications is a broad field and arguably the one with the most rapid and dramatic changes.

Careers for law graduates in mining and resources

What do professionals in this sector do? The Australian mining sector is enormous, contributing six to seven percent of the country’s GDP.