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Where to start your government career: federal or state?

If you want to launch your graduate career in the government sector, this article will help you decide if you should focus on federal or state government.

Where to start your graduate career in investment banking

From Bulge-Bracket Investment Banks to boutique investment firms – find out the benefits and challenges of working for these employers as a graduate.

Which accountancy specialisation is right for me?

Service line, business area, division… whatever it’s labelled, your potential future employer will ask you where you’d like to specialise.

Which careers can you pursue with a Bachelor of Arts?

Bachelor of Arts degrees have an undeserved reputation for representing a sort of career sacrifice: sure you’ll broaden your mind with challenging ideas, but you won’t pick up vocational skills in the same way that, say, a commerce or law student might.

Which engineering specialisation is right for me? Here are a few...

No idea which type of engineering is the right fit? No worries. Check out this list of 14 engineering specialisations, to get a feel for the right area for your graduate career.

Who's who in a consulting firm

‘But isn’t everyone who works in consulting called a consultant?’

Who’s who in advertising?

Behind every tagline that’s embedded in our collective consciousness—from ‘Just Do It’ to ‘Think Different’—is a team of advertising professionals committed to capturing your attention and selling it to their clients.

Why did three superstar grads choose KPMG?

When it comes to attracting outstanding talent, KPMG is one of the best in the business.