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An introduction to jobs in the transport & logistics industry

Advice for graduates planning a career in the transport & logistics industry – job prospects, how to get started and average graduate salaries.

Before you sign your graduate job offer, check these details

Congratulations, you've got your graduate job offer! Before you sign your contract, take a moment to check these details.

Career prospects in operations and supply chain management

Play a pivotal part in maximising organisational success by launching your graduate career in operations or supply chain management.

Establishing strong professional relationships as a graduate

As you start your graduate program, be sure to establish strong professional relationships – here are tips on how to do this throughout your career.

Graduate salary and benefits in the transport and logistics sector

Once you start moving stuff around full-time, will lots of cash start moving into your bank account?

How to apply for Glencore’s graduate program or vacation employment

Applying to Glencore is simple, apply in only 10-15 minutes with four easy steps.

How to get a graduate job in transport or logistics

If you want to stand out from the crowd you’ll need more than just an undergraduate uni degree

How to get hired at Daimler Truck and Bus

Daimler Truck and Bus has been focusing heavily on undergraduates  with our Industry Based Learning or IBL program.