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Key roles for graduates in the Australian government and public sector

You may be surprised – there are a multitude of varied job opportunities for graduates in the government sector. Find out more in this article by GradAustralia.

Logistics, transport and supply chain industry overview

Old models of business are being impacted by market disruptors, but there are plenty of opportunities for cool-headed, adaptable grads that can respond quickly to change.

Make social media work for you in your graduate job search

There are few secrets when it comes to your online presence - be sure to use social media to your advantage as you search for your graduate job.

Must-have skills for every graduate applying for the public sector

Have you got what it takes to be selected for a competitive government graduate program? Here are the 5 skills that every graduate must-have.

The highs and lows of working in the public sector

Still deciding where to launch your graduate career? We compare five features of the public vs private sector to help you decide.

The pivotal role of sales and customer service

Exceptional interpersonal skills, a passion for challenges and problem solving are key characteristics needed to succeed in a sales career.

The world after working in government and public service

Planning your career long after your graduate career in government? Here are three popular career paths for graduates who make their start in the public sector.

Ventia's Graduate Application Process

Applications from potential graduates are submitted throughout July and August, with initial screening conducted to ensure you fulfil the basic eligibility criteria in terms of work rights, graduation date, relevant degree and values assignment.