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Discover graduate career paths in engineering services

Engineering consultants are hired by leading organisations such as Honeywell, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin. Find out more about this graduate career path

Engineering internships: a beginner’s guide

The experience you gain will help you make informed career decisions after you graduate, and provide you with something you can use to impress recruiters.

Engineering, R&D, manufacturing and science industry overview

As the proof is in the pudding, so the profit is in the product. This is a talented industry of doers.

Establishing strong professional relationships as a graduate

As you start your graduate program, be sure to establish strong professional relationships – here are tips on how to do this throughout your career.

Fast moving freedom: careers in freelance & startups

Consider a graduate career in a startup or as a freelancer if you love taking risks, thrive in challenging environments & are a problem-solving champion.

Four Essential Steps In Protiviti Recruitment Process

Our recruiting approach focuses on one thing: You! Throughout the process our goal is to get to know you so that we can better understand your potential fit within our organisation.

How to choose the right graduate government employer

From the Department of Ed to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – here are 5 factors to consider when deciding which government employer is right for you.

How To Craft The Perfect Graduate CV

The ultimate guide to CV-writing for students and graduates!