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Five ways to help your mining job application stand out

Once you’ve got the basic academic qualifications for a career in mining, the question becomes: how can you differentiate yourself from everybody else with the same qualification?

Five ways to make a strong first impression at a networking event

Five keys to networking success – essential tips for university graduates searching for a job, including how to prepare and how to build lasting connections.

Four Essential Steps In Protiviti Recruitment Process

Our recruiting approach focuses on one thing: You! Throughout the process our goal is to get to know you so that we can better understand your potential fit within our organisation.

Further study

A postgraduate degree can provide an edge in the job market and help shape your career.

Get experience

It takes more than a degree to land a great job.

Getting hired in investment banking: what does the process actually look like?

Don't get discouraged by the deceptively simple graduate recruitment process – here are the four key parts of recruitment for investment banking graduates.

Gilbert + Tobin application Q&A's

It’s our goal to engage candidates in an authentic conversation, rather than one in which they are projecting what it is they think we are looking for.

How do I answer that?

Need help working out what to say? Shaun Pulman and Lusi Atiga of Auckland University of Technology's Employability and Careers service unpack how to answer ten standard interview questions.