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Interview prep: practise and role playing

Practise, practise, practise: Why you need to practise, what to do ahead of time, plus, sample interview questions and answers.

Interview prep: Tell your story like a boss

How to bring your CV to life and talk about how your experiences have made you that special someone they’ve been waiting for.

Interview tips from our recruitment team - tips from Aurecon

We really want you to do well in your interview– so watch our top 10 interview tips for graduates!

Interviewing at Canva, for Grads

Hear from Canva’s freshest bunch of grads on their experience so far at Canva and tips to nailing the interview process


Well done. You have made it to the next stage of the process. Now you need to prepare.

Is further study for me?

Millie Douglas, Senior Career Consultant from Victoria University of Wellington offers a wealth of knowledge on the world of further study.

Make social media work for you in your graduate job search

There are few secrets when it comes to your online presence - be sure to use social media to your advantage as you search for your graduate job.

Managing your online presence

Gina Robertson, Career Development Services Manager from the University of Waikato provides insight on how to make your online presence an asset, not a liability.