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Standing out in group interviews

How to win at the group interview (as a team player, of course), hot tips on how to showcase your best self and stand out from the crowd.

Tackling selection criteria

Selection criteria form a key part of the application process. We've brought in careers and employment advisors Michelle Ash and Jane Hall from Lincoln University to nut out the details.

Tackling selection criteria – 5 steps to a winning response

Selection criteria are the personal quali­ties, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications needed to perform the duties for a role.

Tell me a time when... how to answer all those tricky interview questions

How to confidently face those graduate interview curve balls: All the insider secrets to navigating the interviewer’s trickiest questions.

The 101 Scrub Up

Essential job search prep for every graduate: all that basic online hygiene that rockstars like you should be on top of like how to look all shiny and sane online.

The 40 real-life tech interview questions

We asked our IT graduates what questions they were asked during their interviews.

The five-year checklist

Applying for graduate jobs can be a long and arduous process. Applications usually involve multiple steps, beginning with an online application followed by interviews, assessment centres and testing. It’s a competitive process and it pays to plan ahead. Even if you are still early in your law degree, there are things you can do now that will make it much easier to succeed professionally later on.

The job offer

Congratulations! Your preparation has paid off and you have received a job offer.