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How to beat procrastination at uni

Procrastination. It’s a key issue that affects all students, graduate or post-graduate, and is the major source of complaints for everyone who is feeling the push when it comes to assignment due dates and upcoming exams.

How to make the most of your time at university

Making the most of your time at university can lead to memories and experiences you will remember for the rest of your life, not to mention life-long friendships and relationships.

How to make your relationship survive long distance at uni

Can a long distance relationship survive over the uni years?

How to study effectively at uni

Wondering how you can up your game? Read on for time-honoured study techniques to learn more and boost your GPA.

How to survive uni as a mature age student

Heading back to uni? GradAustralia has all the best tips on how to survive uni as a mature age student. Find out more here.

How to survive your first semester of university

Welcome aboard student life my friends.

Intern movies to watch in the holidays

Uni holidays rock, but sometimes you just want to be productive. When the holiday guilt sets in, kick off an intern movie marathon.

Study tips for students in New Zealand

Whether you’re about to graduate or at the beginning, developing productive habits can improve your academic experience in universities around NZ.