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Graduate careers: which offers the best pay?

Knowing what pay you'll earn as a graduate may be important in helping you plan.

Graduates ask: how to deal with rejection

Applying for graduate jobs can be a long and stressful process – don't give up. Here are 6 ways to deal with rejection and move on.

How to deal with stress when you’re looking for a job: ten essential tips

Searching for the right graduate job on top of uni commitments can be exhausting. Here are 10 tips on how to manage stress during your graduate job search.

Managing your time as a graduate

GradAustralia's advice on how to adjust from university life to working longer hours, how to set boundaries and manage your time.

Self care & compassion fatigue as a graduate social worker

One of the very real challenges you’ll face as a graduate social worker is managing your well-being, acknowledging when things are getting tough, and having a bag of tools ready to get you safely back on track.

What is the average graduate salary in Australia?

What will I earn as a graduate? It's one of the questions every graduate wants to ask - click here to find out what the average graduate salary is in Australia.