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ACCRALAW is a cohesive, multidisciplinary team of legal professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of wide-ranging legal practices and specialized fields, backed by extensive experience of over thirty years in the practice of law in the Philippines.

Through the years, the firm has grown strongly. From a core group of six lawyers at the start, it has grown to a prestigious service organization of over 100 lawyers. Today, it has branches in thriving business and commercial centers, south of Metro Manila-Cebu and Davao. It is linked to a global network of correspondent lawyers.

The firm is considered in the legal world as a remarkable training ground for lawyers, politicians and statesmen. The number of top tier government officials, senators, congressmen and heads of departments who are alumni of the firm attests to this. The training received from the firm is undisputedly one of the best albeit, exhaustive and strenuous. Our lawyers are sought after not only by our local and foreign clients, but equally, by our competitors. ACCRA trained lawyers are recognized, prized and pursued not only by Philippine law firms but by other Asian law firms.

The goal of the firm is to train practical, ethical and diligent professionals who are experts in all aspects of their fields of specialization. In addition to knowing the law, we expect our associates to have a good command of the dynamics of the industries in which their clients operate.

The firm spares no effort and expense in recruiting the best of their class and those with prodigious potential , providing them with unparalleled training, and rewarding those who stand out with admission into the partnership.

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