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Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM)

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The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) issues debt securities on behalf of the Australian Government. It manages the government’s cash and debt portfolios and provides advice on a range of financial risks. The AOFM also supports smaller lenders by making investments through securitisation markets.

Guiding principles (AOFM values)

The AOFM, as the interface between Government and financial markets, is required to exercise considerable judgement. It is necessary to balance the pursuit of government objectives and community outcomes with an understanding of the incentives that drive financial market participants. In this regard, it is important that the AOFM is seen in its day-to-day dealings to be:

  • of the highest integrity – we consistently act in a professional, respectful, transparent and impartial manner that will withstand scrutiny;
  • results-focussed – we demonstrate a thorough understanding of our responsibilities and take pride in our work, owning decisions that we make;
  • responsive – we consult carefully and demonstrate initiative and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances; and
  • clear – we communicate in a straightforward and timely manner.


Our activities include:

  • issuing AGS to meet the government’s financing task and in accordance with government policy objectives (such as facilitating sovereign bond market liquidity);
  • managing the aggregate daily cash balances in the government’s Official Public Account;
  • managing financial assets according to policy directives as they arise from time-to-time, or as part of broader portfolio management;
  • the settlement and payment of government financial obligations on Australian Government Securities (AGS);
  • maintaining a capacity to provide specialist advice within government on debt financing (including related financial market matters) and balance sheet management;
  • developing risk assessments to undertake cost-effective management of the debt and asset portfolios;
  • where appropriate, supporting the efficient operation of the Australian financial system;
  • investing in the securitisation products through the Australian Business Securitisation Fund (ABSF) and the Structured Finance Support Fund (SFSF) in accordance with Government policy.

What we offer

Working at the AOFM will enable you to develop skills related to the financial markets while understanding the unique role the agency plays as the interface between the Australian Government and global markets. Our people have a high degree of ownership of their work, are given significant responsibilities and work closely with senior staff.

By joining our team, you’ll be motivated to be part of achieving excellence in an important role within government through financial market operations and planning for them. The AOFM is known for its capability, experience and agility. Regardless of the area in which you work, your contribution will be highly valued and help the AOFM achieve its objectives.

Graduates will participate in an eighteen-month tailored development plan that will include structured training and networking opportunities. Graduates integrate into AOFM business throughout this program and continue working with the AOFM when the program completes.

We recognise that our people are central to our success and we are committed to their personal growth and development. Where appropriate, we arrange for employees to attend short courses, conferences, and industry forums. This may include professional qualifications (e.g. Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Accountant) or tertiary study relevant to your role. The AOFM recognises that staff training and development, including on-the-job opportunities, are key to maintaining a high performing work environment.

The AOFM is a small, highly specialised agency that gives employees access to mentoring from experienced professionals as part of their day-to-day work. You will develop knowledge of financial markets, portfolio management and risk management.

The outcome of the graduate program depends on both the individual recruit and how AOFM managers and colleagues contribute to their success. Such contributions will ensure that AOFM is able to make the most of its investment in graduate recruits.


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