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Management at DuluxGroup

7.5 rating for Management, based on 11 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
I have interacted with all different levels of the company - the graduates had a meeting with the CEO, I've worked closely with the head of safety, the head of learning, and supply chain leaders. I've worked with great managers and they all offer huge amounts of support.
Graduate, Perth
My manager is great, but the quality of managers across the business varies.
Graduate, Melbourne
Managers are usually supportive and nice. Performance agreements and development plans are set for each employee at the beginning of the financial year to provide structure and clarity to their tasks and development program for that year. Feedback on performance and development is given at the end of the year and areas requiring improving are highlighted and mapped out for development in the following year
Graduate, Melbourne
Our managers are generally very approachable and satisfactory. We have a variety of managers in our leadership team and there is probably some spectrum to their performance, approachability & mentorship. Hence a score of 8, although they are generally very good.
Graduate, Wellington, NZ
My manager is pretty good. She cares about all of our work and life. She helps us with developing a detailed career plan according to our own will. She is very supportive and inspiring.
Midlevel, Melbourne
My manager is fantastic. I feel valuable to the team and feel recognised.
Graduate, Melbourne
Manager is only a phone call away. Regular development plans, coaching days and feedback received
Graduate, Melbourne