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Working Hours at DuluxGroup

9 rating for Working Hours, based on 10 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Work a whole variety of hours depending on the demand but can choose to work extra hours and take an afternoon off if required
Graduate, Perth
Work is super flexible with work hours, and is self regulated.
Graduate, melbourne
Maintaining work-life balance at DuluxGroup is not a problem at all. The company offers flexible hours and managers are supportive if people's priorities shift requiring flexible working arrangements.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am generally fine to work standard hours and standard days. Sometimes I need to work from home and the company and my colleagues have no issue with this. DuluxGroup is very flexible when it comes to hours which caters for all employees with different situations.
Graduate, Wellington, NZ
I normally spend 9 hours in the office. You can come anytime you want and leave at anytime you want as long as you finish your work.
Midlevel, Melbourne
That's the most positive thing as they are very flexible. You can choose your start and end time without pressure.
Midlevel, Adelaide
Due to COVID I have spent months working from home which has been great. Hopefully we will see this continue once things resume to normal with more flexible working arrangements available. Prior to COVID office was 5 days a week
Graduate, Melbourne
Company is quite flexible with hours.
Graduate, Melbourne