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Working Hours at Fujitsu

9.3 rating for Working Hours, based on 6 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
My company is flexible - I generally work 9-5:30 and often do not take a lunch break as my working day is busy. I make up for this on Friday's by taking a longer break and often finishing early. It's all about balance. Often we have global conference calls in the night, and we are encouraged to leave work a little earlier to make up for it however sometimes this is hard to do with workload.
Graduate, Sydney
Flexibility is encouraged. The focus is on output not hours in
Experienced, Melbourne
Pretty flexible. The focus is on the outcomes we need to deliver.
Experienced, Sydney
Sales is quite flexible so long as you achieve outcomes
Graduate, Sydney
Very flexible. With management approval there is opportunity to work from home. Sometime, like with any job there are busy times but these are compensated with approved days in lieu
Graduate, Sydney
Focus is on result rather than process so flexible working hours are encouraged
Midlevel, Sydney