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Lockheed Martin

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Helen Lawrence

5.30 AM

It is time to get up and welcome the day with a workout in the park. If it is a nice morning, I’ll be able to watch the sun rise.

7.00 AM

Back to home now to get ready for work and grab some breakfast. If I’m in the mood I might also make some lunch to take with me.

8.30 AM

Arrive at work. The first thing I do it check my emails.  Sometimes there may be some emails about new project announcements or news about what is happening in Lockheed Martin across the globe. I also look over my calendar to see what the day has in store for me. Also have a chat with my team and learn if anything interesting has happened since we last saw each other.


8.45 AM

Today, I will be running a workshop with an operator to learn about what they do and so I prepare for this session.

10.00 AM

It is a fun workshop learning about what the operator does.  The session is productive while having a casual atmosphere.

11.00 AM

With the workshop complete, my team meets and consolidate how we will progress with the information that we have captured.


12.00 PM

The middle of the day has arrived. If the weather is cooperative I will go for a lunch time walk, generally with several of my work colleagues. Sometimes we might walk down to the local shops and have lunch there together.


12.45 PM

Back at my desk with a nice refreshing cup of green tea. I now compile all the data that I collected in workshop from earlier today. Time passes surprisingly quickly and before I know it…


4.45 PM

The work day is nearly over! I check over my calendar to see what the schedule is for tomorrow and if there is an early meetings. If there aren’t I might get in a bit later tomorrow.

5.00 PM

Now I put on some music as I drive home from work. It will be tea with the family tonight.

8.00 PM

Time to relax, might play a video game, or play some tunes on my viola!

10.00 PM

Sleep is calling, and I retire for the day.

While this is just a snapshot of one day in the life as a graduate, every day is different and offers something new and exciting.