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Lockheed Martin

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Culture at Lockheed Martin

8.1 rating for Culture, based on 13 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Relaxed in hours, people have a good attitude and are not uptight, things get done well.
Graduate, Adelaide
Team culture is 2nd to none with a social club and monthly BBQs (although this is not common companywide, depends on your team I guess). team is supportive and goal focussed, working well together for the most part and continuously reviewing and looking to improve together
Midlevel, Melbourne
Social aspect is okay, needs a more after hour events and catch ups (I'm working on at the moment) - generally people enjoy what they do and are happy to come to work. The structure is fairly decentralized with more of a team vibe than top down delegation
Graduate, Melbourne
In office barely culture doesn't exists, social events few and far between. No social events outside hours. Structure and hierarchy is standard top down like any large scale business. Communication between levels is often poor due to complex structure. Teamwork can be good, although is not used enough, should be used more to solve problems as it promotes bonding between team members.
Graduate, Melbourne
People enjoy what they do, productive and can-do mentality, lunches and after hour catch ups every now and then
Graduate, Melbourne
During heavy work periods, it is quiet and easy to focus. The culture of our team is quite relaxed - we all get along and share jokes, but we understand when work needs to be done. Conflict in the office is very minimal, and everyone wants to get the job done well. We're in a low-wall cubicle layout with the engineering team all sitting together. This makes it much easier to quickly get a question answered if necessary. Teamwork is valued - I have participated in a fair bit of pair programming with experienced developers, and everyone is more than willing to help on any problem that any team member has.
Graduate, Canberra
Great culture within teams and even projects, but disconnect between upper management and lower levels. LM social club provides additional opportunity to socialise with colleagues outside of work hours
Graduate, Adelaide