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Lockheed Martin

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Job Satisfaction at Lockheed Martin

7.9 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 13 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Writing documents, researching and making decisions regarding future bids.
Graduate, Adelaide
not always the most fulfilling or stimulating work but it has its moments
Midlevel, Melbourne
My role is a developer for a geospatial system that covers software integration, testing and to determine the best setup and configuration.
Graduate, Melbourne
Software engineer, required to write and refactor code in front end, back end of web services application. Design and implement oracle database.
Graduate, Melbourne
Software integration, software development, documentation, testing, configuration design
Graduate, Melbourne
My role as a software engineer (note, not a "developer") necessitates getting involved in the entire software development process. It involves working with Business Analysts to discover requirements, discuss potential solutions, and to bound solutions to what is possible. I need to continue learning about new tools and software libraries to develop robust and useful solutions. I also design and build code to best software practices (where possible), and am constantly provided with valuable feedback to help me to improve over time. I am responsible for the implementation of automated deployment for most of our solutions, which has been a great learning experience.
Graduate, Canberra
Given tasks suitable to my desired career direction. Very satisfied with tasks given. Get to perform a lot of technical work.
Graduate, Adelaide