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Lockheed Martin

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Working Hours at Lockheed Martin

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
9-5, but if you need to leave early it can be allowed if you work at least 38 hours in a week, you can come in earlier or leave later if you wish.
Graduate, Adelaide
40 hours per week instead of 38 in return for one rostered day off per month. Company is somewhat flexible on working hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
Flexible hours, works well with getting things done
Graduate, Melbourne
Work around 38-40 hours per week, where we are required to work 38. Haven't had any particularly late-working weeks in my first year. Latest day I've worked was around 6:30pm. Company is fairly flexible with hours - as long as you're in the office within mostly the core hours of when the team is in, then you're fine.
Graduate, Canberra
Options for 38 or 40 with RDO. Fairly flexible about the hours you work, although must reach a minimum of 38 or 40 at the end of the week.
Graduate, Clayton
Fairly flexible. Alternative working hours can be arranged
Graduate, Adelaide