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Rio Tinto

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Career Prospects at Rio Tinto

6.4 rating for Career Prospects, based on 22 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
From what I know and have been told, quite difficult!
Graduate, Perth?
Promotion possibilities are relatively regular, depending on your time and experience and performance in your current role. Because of the many site based assets the organisation has, as well as corporate locations, there are always opportunities available both inside and outside your area of expertise.
Graduate, Brisbane
Depends on vacancies
Graduate, Weipa
If you work hard and produce successful projects and work I believe that there are many career prospects and avenues you can take. Networking is very important to make yourself known to the work community.
Graduate, Perth
This company is more about lateral movements. At the top of the corporate ladder there are only a few roles available in my discipline. Much more likely to be moved into different commodities a number of times before being promoted (or into a different discipline completely!)
Graduate, Brisbane
Based on performance Internal opportunities
Graduate, Weipa
Very easy but for only for some people
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
It is quite possible to move up within the company, so long as you are hardworking, a good coworker and show a drive to improve the business overall.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
At this stage in my career I need more experience before I can look at promotion.
Graduate, Mackay
Develop skills to an appropriate level;
Graduate, Dampier
I am quite unaware on this side of business as I'm still completing my grad program.
Graduate, Gove, NT