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Rio Tinto

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Culture at Rio Tinto

8.5 rating for Culture, based on 23 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
There is quite a diverse culture in my work area. Having a large amount of females and a large amount of ethnic people is not very common in companies these days, so that is always good to see.
Graduate, Perth?
Supervisors are open and provide great avenues for learning, team is fantastic - catch up after work for leisure activities. Company wide is pretty good, I feel like I can reach out to someone in another department and get help if I need.
Graduate, jabiru
Rio Tinto has a great culture in and outside of work. Our site contributes to the community through charity events and we also have a social club. We work with and employ people from all backgrounds and the site has an open and friendly environment.
Graduate, Gladstone
The organisational culture is very mature, respectful and inclusive. I have felt comfortable and welcome from day one despite my colleagues being a decade and over older than me, with a great deal of industry experience. There is a strong focus on diversity of all types and this comes across through regular events and communications. Much work is being done on strengthening collaboration, with teamwork one of our five core values. Because many colleagues have been with the organisation for several years, out of office hours social events are regular and well organised.
Graduate, Brisbane
focused and get stuff done yesterday attitude
Graduate, Weipa
The culture is fantastic, they promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage work- life balance. Teamwork and cooperation is constantly on display and is effective. Socialising amongst colleagues is encouraged through numerous social events and team days throughout the year.
Graduate, Perth
Very strong top-down approach. Cooperation between local teams, but seems rare between product groups (heavily siloed). Socialising varies greatly between hubs, not very prevalent in Brisbane. Strong focus on working long hours, not necessarily always family friendly.
Graduate, Brisbane
A lot of your role depends on the initiative you take. Workmates are very friendly and very willing to collaborate. I socialise regularly with my workmates after hours.
Graduate, Weipa
Strong emphasis towards collaboration within the department. Welcoming and friendly at all staff levels. Sporting and social events are encouraged.
Graduate, Perth
Not talking about our specific BU but for Rio in general. We are adding lots of people at a higher level and we have less people close to the operations. It doesn't make sense and it's not productive at all.
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
Very global; senior management always receptive of new ideas and new ways of working. Lots of team work required to be successful in projects.
Graduate, Montreal
Given that everyone on site is away from their family for any length of time, we form a closer bond than in a traditional workplace. There is a defined management structure, however the top level of management is always accessible and often will engage us. Teamwork in the plant is paramount as any work to be done usually involved each department and therefore large groups of people. Everyone is very friendly and casual in the workplace, we all support each other to achieve our targets. Socializing is encouraged, especially after hours in camp with plenty of activities and entertainment options.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
We have a very hard working, team oriented and professional culture in the office. As we are a campsite I believe this helps our working relationships and allows us to work better as a team as everyone are friends and want to see each other succeed.
Graduate, Mackay
in office - great team work; superintendents look after their reports; can be a social and relaxed environment when appropriate. everyone is treated with respect. out of office - very social and very relaxed; everyone is treated with respect, no matter what level they are in the org structure.
Graduate, Dampier
Very diverse and inclusive.
Graduate, Gove, NT
Friendly hard working team. Large social network in a remote FNQ town. Nightly activities with colleagues are always happening.
Graduate, Weipa