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Job Satisfaction at Rio Tinto

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My main roles are updating plans/models, machine guidance and high levels of communication with the geology team, drill and blast and scheduling engineers.
Graduate, Perth?
Water quality monitoring for both surface and groundwater data management stakeholder engagement report writing
Graduate, jabiru
Looking at equipment breakdowns, troubleshooting, planning work for improvements.
Graduate, Gladstone
I have a great deal of responsibility for a graduate and am trusted and respected within my team. This has allowed me to interact with a broader number of stakeholders and be engaged on a larger number of projects in areas that I typically do not have any technical background in. My day to day responsibilities are comprehensive and require a range of strategic, analytical and commercial skills. I am responsible for a large number of contracts on the east coast of Australia, meaning I am a central point of contact on a daily basis for many site and corporate stakeholders.
Graduate, Brisbane
Keeping the plant running. Improving current processes
Graduate, Weipa
My day to day responsibilities are constantly changing depending on the demand from stakeholders and at times I am not always sure what my role entails. Having the opportunity to manage and interact with stakeholders is great and working on bigger projects for the team.
Graduate, Perth
Varied. In a corporate role that supports sites globally. Everything from updating procedures, reviewing risk assessments, finding applicable legislation from different countries to providing technical support to projects.
Graduate, Brisbane
Varies between project planning, software modelling and field work
Graduate, Perth
one day I could be reviewing documents the next I could be turtle monitoring.
Graduate, Cape Lambert FIFO
A lot of jobs have been merged, so we are doing a lot of clerical work to make sure all of our data are ok. Since some of the tasks have been sent to India, we have a lot of validation to do due to lots of errors. Less efficient, so we had less value to the company
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
Enhancing the commercial performance for Rio Tinto
Graduate, Montreal
I enjoy my role, day to day I am responsible for monitoring and reporting plant performance, as well as assisting in troubleshooting issues that arise. In addition, I am involved in supporting initiatives to improve production and tailings management.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
As I'm a services engineer my responsibilities include: -Short term dump scheduling and strategy -Road infrastructure -Truck haulage management
Graduate, Mackay
running several small capital projects; contributing and assisting with the management of marine assets.
Graduate, Dampier
Day to day engineering tasks and two capital engineering projects
Graduate, Gove, NT
Plant reporting. Plant metrics and data analysis. Pushing those tones through the plant.
Graduate, Weipa