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Rio Tinto

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Management at Rio Tinto

8 rating for Management, based on 23 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
I have only seen my manager a few times, they don't have much to do with the lower level people. But when I did meet my manager, he was nice.
Graduate, Perth?
Area managers onsite are open to people from different levels of the organisational structure. Recognition is given through a company programme monthly but also through one-on-one discussions.
Graduate, Gladstone
The office is open plan so direct line managers sit only several seats away and there are no offices in use for individuals. This is also the case for the General Manager to ensure they are easily accessible and visible to all employees. Beyond that higher-level managers are often based overseas. Overall this makes performance feedback and recognition far more transparent and regular. In my experience they are all excellent in-job mentors and have assisted in finding external mentors for me.
Graduate, Brisbane
Performance feedback and recognition is good when it comes from the weekly IC meetings and they make note and special mentions. MOR sessions are always available if/when needed.
Graduate, Perth
Direct line managers are usually quite available. Not always great with feedback as they are busy but do recognise the work that you've done.
Graduate, Brisbane
My manager once removed has more time to discuss with me my objectives etc. My direct manager is quite busy but also makes time for a fortnightly meeting to review my progress.
Graduate, Weipa
Managers are very friendly and helpful and encourage participation and questions.
Graduate, Perth
It's ok, we have good managers and we have managers that need to improve themselves.
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
Managers are very accessible, and they are certainly good mentors, feedback is given fairly often as is recognition.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
Have had leaders support me and helped me find great mentors.
Graduate, Perth
The superintendents are very approachable and are very happy to help you gain experience.
Graduate, Mackay
Superintendents/leaders and the manager are in the same building. I receive regular communications from all. I have provided feedback when appropriate (through fortnightly meetings)
Graduate, Dampier
Quite accessible however quite a room for improvement.
Graduate, Gove, NT
Mentors are available each week for a regular 30-minute chat. Provide feedback on work and expectations for new tasks.
Graduate, Weipa