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Rio Tinto

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Office & Workplace at Rio Tinto

7.7 rating for Workplace, based on 23 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Space is good, location is close to camp, everything is usually always clean.
Graduate, Perth?
The site is open plan in a central location. Employees wear the safe uniform including required PPE; steel capped boots, Hi Vis, monogoggles, safety helmet
Graduate, Gladstone
The company's office spaces are very open plan and modern with good kitchen facilities. There are also excellent shower and change facilities to accommodate employee participation in wellness activities throughout the day. A large family room allows parents to work while their children play. The dress code is regular business attire however gentlemen are not expected to wear ties or suit jackets, and generally more casual on Fridays.
Graduate, Brisbane
Facilities are fantastic, comfortable open plan work environment. Can be a little cold at times with the aircon in the office. Dress code is pretty formal, collared shirt and enclosed shoes, but also smart/semi casual at times which makes it comfortable.
Graduate, Perth
Dress code - corporate with blazer optional. Open plan, semi-modern. Bike storage/lockers/showers available for city bike commuters.
Graduate, Brisbane
No specific dress code. Old office space, they are ok
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
Dress code is very casual, jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Offices are spacious and well lit. Not much natural light given they are in the process plant.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
Good facilities. Dress code is standard PPE used across Australian mining industry.
Graduate, Mackay
open layout. facilities are sufficient. we all wear PPE.
Graduate, Dampier
We do have standard PPE to wear at workplace as I am site based and offices are quite spacious too but can be bit untidy sometimes.
Graduate, Gove, NT
Spacious corner office overlooking the processing plant . Dress code is hi visibility clothing. Standard for all employees.
Graduate, Weipa