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About Spatial Partners

  • Engineering Consulting

Spatial Partners was founded in 2012 as an engineering and geospatial IT technology solutions company. We are a small specialist consulting company focusing on spatial technology, data quality and data analytics for mainly engineering, utility and infrastructure clients.
As engineers, we seek to provide solutions to our customers' most difficult challenges. We seek to increase the profitability of our clients by providing solutions that work rather than selling products that make money for us. Whilst we are not software developers, our solutions often involve specialist software knowledge and expertise.

We are seeking to grow our business in size, in-depth of expertise and in the breadth of our customer industries. We work closely with like-minded complementary businesses including Realworld Systems, Optivia, Digital Affair, GIS Cloud, and 1Spatial. Our engineers are amongst the most skilled in Australia with data analytics and data transformational tools including FME, Lavastorm, Data3Sixty and many languages like R and python. We have a strong relationship with La Trobe University including some of us have graduated and/or taught there. Our Managing Director is also Professor of Practice in Engineering at La Trobe University.

On behalf of ourselves and our industry partners, we are seeking exceptionally talented students and graduates to undertake WIL, internships and/or industry-based research. We are particularly interested in people who have ...

  • IT programming skills;
  • motivation to learn something new;
  • the prospect of full-time on-going employment;
  • possibly some knowledge of utilities (gas, water, electricity, telco);
  • an engineering qualification with strong IT orientation.

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