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Ismail Sayar

6.00 AM

I have an alarm leading all the way to 7 I use 9 different tones for the nine times I set since my brain likes playing games with me and remembering the tones and blocking them out,

7.00 AM

I’ve woken up I’ve made my bed it’s a ritual I have been doing for the past 3 years and haven’t missed a day reason why I do it is due to me having a lot of stressful days and coming home to perfection calms me down.

8.00 AM

On the train usually got my air pods in listening to either motivational speakers to hype me for the morning or motivational music.

9.00 AM

I’m at work fired up ready to go, I start off by checking all my emails to see if there’s any admin or paperwork needing to be looked after if not I put on my headphones and get ready to make calls to our customer and offer them new solutions that will help their business.

Vocus Graduate Ismail Sayar Me and a couple of the guys pumped for a big day on the phones

Me and a couple of the guys pumped for a big day on the phones

1.00 PM

Okay you might be wondering why I’ve skipped a few hours well until 1.00 PM I’m usually on the phone providing solutions to our customers I now feel like I deserve a break I usually take an hour break to eat my lunch and after go for a walk this helps me clear my mind and feel at ease.

Vocus Graduate Ismail Sayar My teammate and I on our daily walk

My teammate and I on our daily walk

2.00 -5.00 PM

Back on the phones till 5.00 PM look it's not that boring especially with the interesting customers I usually get and the ongoing banter we have in our cubical with the rest of my team so all in all I love it,

6:30 – 8.00 PM

I’m always home by this time unless something happened to the trains, I get my gym clothes ready have a bit of prework out and head out to the gym depending on the day I decide what exercise I need to perform, Wednesdays I have oz-tag so no gym

8.30 – 10.30 PM

Back from the gym really hungry so I make dinner usually I have rice and chicken when I am feeling risky I sometimes throw in some spices but it’s usually got enough on its own I sit in front of the tv while I eat watch at least 1 episode of Lucifer on Netflix before tucking myself into the amazing already made bed.

My Life motto: Fear to be Average