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Jesse Hall

7.00 AM

My alarm will wake me up, but I’ll take a good 10 minutes before jumping out of bed. Finally, get showered and changed and depending on how long I took to get up, I’ll either make myself lunch or I’ll be buying something near the office (Today I took too long). There are plenty of food options in the area though, so I’m not worried about that.

7.55 AM

Walk to my bus stop and get on the first of two buses, it’ll usually take me about an hour to get to the North Sydney office from home.

9.00 AM

Arrive at the North Sydney office and pull out my laptop to check emails and slack messages to get started for the day.

Vocus Graduate Jesse Hall started for the day

9.10 AM

BA team daily standup. For about 20 min the team will go around saying what they worked on yesterday, what they’re going to be working on today, and any questions or blockers that they have. This is a time to hear about what everyone is doing and to provide any help or clarity for anyone that needs it.

9.30 AM

I’m not much of a coffee drinker but occasionally, if I need a little boost, I’ll get one from this amazing machine we’ve got in our kitchen. Today the Digital Experience (DXP) team went out and bought some coffees from a café right outside our office.

Vocus Graduate Jesse Hall coffee

After this, I’ll head back to my desk and start working on building wireframes and user flows for the new customer portal we’re designing. Typically, the way I like to work is by starting with research; analyzing the competitive landscape and finding inspiration. From here I’ll start brainstorming and ideating both digitally, and through sketching ideas up by hand. Finally, I’ll build out functional digital prototypes that are ready for user testing (This is what I’m working on now).

12.00 PM

Digital experience team daily standup. Like my standup this morning, we talk through what we’re working on and help each other with any questions or blockers any of us have. This standup, however, is with the digital experience project team.

Vocus Graduate Jesse Hall Team meeting

12.20 PM

Futsal time. Here at Vocus in North Sydney, we’ve got a 5-a-side futsal team that plays during lunchtime on Thursdays. There’s a great shower and change room facilities in our building, so, we all run down to the change room and gear up before jumping on a 5-minute bus ride to go play our game (We got the win this week!). After the game, I’ll take a quick shower and pick up a sandwich to eat at my desk as I get back into working on building prototypes.

1.15 PM

Meeting for brand overview with marketing. This meeting is going over brand components and walking through any changes that are being made that will affect the customer portal.

2.00 PM

Get back to working on building the screens and prototypes.

Vocus Graduate Jesse Hall Back to work

3.30 PM

Feedback session on designs. There’s another guy working on the UX side of the customer portal design with me, and during this session, we go over each other’s designs and give one another feedback and brainstorm further ideas for how we can improve our work. He works from Perth though, so we’ll do this session over video call and screen sharing.

4.15 PM

For the rest of the day, I’ll work on tweaking my designs and producing additional screens based on what happened and was talked about during our feedback session.

5.30 PM

Home time. I walk a minute down the street and get on the bus to head back home.

6.30 PM

Get home and immediately eat some snacks.

7.30 PM

Soccer training. We train right around the corner from where I live, just a 2-minute drive.

9.00 PM

When I get home I’ll immediately jump in the shower and then time for dinner. I’m starving. For the rest of the night, I’ll just be relaxing. I’ll find something to watch on TV, hop on some online games with friends, or maybe read a good book.

11.15 PM

Bedtime. That’s me for the day.